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…dedicated to the betterment of America’s children.

Founded in 2006 and administered independently by Raymond James Charitable Trust, the goal of the Whitney Family Foundation is to provide donations to charities that share our mission statement of dedication to the betterment of America’s children. Any charity receiving funds will be carefully screened to ensure their status as a bona-fide charity where the funds are used for children and not for administration and overhead.

The Whitney Family Foundation has teamed up with Milo Productions to present both the fully illustrated children’s book “The Lizard and the Dragonfly” and the feature length documentary “Ridin’ the Dog!” where all profits from the film and the book will be donated to the foundation. Please visit the links to the book and the film and help support the cause.

The Whitney Family Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit
charitable trust. For More information, please contact us at:

Whitney Family Foundation
P.O. Box 2347
Winter Park, FL 32790