Milo Productions is involved in producing Film and Video, Literature, music and photography.  Projects include award winning short and feature length films, published books listed on Amazon, award winning music and published photography and travel articles.  Below is a sample of some of the projects.


Documentary: “Ridin’ the Dog”
This award winning documentary that screened at film festivals and is now available on DVD, takes an unedited and uncensored look at who is the ridership of a major bus transportation provider, their reason for travel and their views on current social issues. Click here for more information.

draft_cover_art_for_l_d-196x200Children’s Book: “The Lizard and the Dragonfly”
This story, written by Kim Whitney and illustrated by Deborah Allison, is an engaging, fun and educational tale about a Lizard and a Dragonfly that will unleash children’s imagination while teaching them valuable life lessons.  In addition, the book is full of fascinating illustrations that will help guide children to exciting new places. As an added bonus, the book contains appendices that include encyclopedic entries for the plants and animals used in the story as well as various behavioral and academic lessons that can be applied to children’s everyday life. It is the belief of the creators of this book that these valuable lessons will positively shape young minds. Click here for more information.

vial-imagesShort Dramatic Film: “The Vial”
This short dramatic film, currently in production, follows a young boy as he ventures to find Ponce De Leon’s lost vial of water that he obtained from the legendary fountain of youth. Click here for more information.


death_1-149x149Feature Screenplay and Film: “Death”
This controversial screenplay and film, currently in production and based on an Alan M. Whitney story, will present a shocking look at death and its impacts on certain lives. Click here for more information.

cover-151x145Short Documentary: “Bracher Brown: Who I Am and How It Feels”
This award winning short documentary follows sixteen year old Bracher Brown as he enters the recording studio for the first time The documentary also includes the “Fading Memories” music video. Click here for more information.


Short Film: “The Mandala Maker”
This award winning short film that screened at film festivals and theaters, presents a heartwarming tale of enlightenment through art. The Mandala Maker as won many festival awards and qualified for the 2010 Academy Awards in the Short Film category. Milo Productions Executive Produced the film.


head-120x153Novel: “Milo’s Tale”
This novel, written by Milo Pine, is a fictional autobiography of a man who recalls traversing several memorable decades through tales of debauchery and conquest as well as heartbreak and loss. Intended for mature audiences, the trends, music and misgivings associated with the various social periods will surely bring many down memory lane.

prophet-173x164Screenplay: “The Prophet”
This will be a feature length screenplay version of the noir short story. This screenplay will present an eerie and in depth look at some prominent social issues from the point of view of one man that only ever wanted happiness.

rose-195x150Screenplay: “Second Chance”

This heartfelt screenplay, based on a short story, will present a tragedy that is turned positive by destiny. The characters discover that loss does not preclude someone from finding happiness and love.


globe-187x187Travel Book: “How to Impress When You Travel”

Have you ever felt under pressure to have make sure everyone has a good time of a trip? This self help book written by an author that has traveled to 83 countries on seven continents will show you the way. The book is full of tips and suggestions along with some philosophy that will make sure you impress when you travel.

book-cover-layers-v4Inspirational Book: “Overflow with Confident Hope”

“Overflow with Confident Hope” is a multi-faceted approach to living Life with a capital “L” and the author, blogger and speaker, Susan M. Culey has had years of experience to back up these intriguing and inspirational outlooks. Milo Productions did the cover design for the book as well as the layout and editing.